Better Safe Than Sorry

Recently, in Portland, there was a man in an H&M store who threw a fit because he had to wait in line for a dressing room. 44-year-old Davendra Bobby Singh was in an H&M store when he went to get a dressing room and was told he had to wait in line. He tried to cut the line at the dressing room, then threw clothes at the employees, he punched an employee in the face and even threatened another telling her he would be waiting for her when she left work.

When the police arrived they realized that Singh was the same man who had punched a panhandler in the head for no apparent reason earlier in the day. When the police arrested Singh he resisted and is accused of spitting in an officer’s face.

Singh is being charged with several counts of aggravated assault.

When you own a business you allow people into your store and into your life. When things go wrong you want to make sure that your employees and your assets are protected. Luckily, video surveillance can help you monitor everything that goes on in your business. If a customer causes a problem like Singh did in H&M, you can be alerted of the problem a lot faster and you can get the situation under control before it escalates. Now there are even more ways to be able to see the video surveillance in your business, with apps you can use your smartphone or tablet to check in on your business while you are away from a computer. With all the crazy people in the world, our opinion is ‚Äúbetter safe than sorry‚ÄĚ.

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