Fire Sprinkler System Saves the Day

A fire sprinkler system extinguished a fire at the West Linn Central Village shopping center on Friday April 22. The fire started in a local nail salon and the fire sprinkler system inside the salon saved the day you can find the story here. Not only did the alarm notify first responders, but it also extinguished the entire fire before first responders got to the scene. There were no injuries and only minor smoke damage to nearby businesses.

photo courtesy of Brandon Leon at

A fire sprinkler system can make all the difference to your business, by making it safer for you and your employees. Fire Sprinkler systems are also better for the environment because they can help conserve water in the long run.

So the point is, fire sprinkler systems can save lives, property, and help the environment. It really is a simple way to protect your employees and your assets! P2RH-LF_STRAIGHT

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