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Tigard, Oregon

The city of Tigard is an affordable community located just minutes southwest of Portland, in Washington County. It is the perfect combination of a small town mixed with the amenities of a modern city. Portland Fire Alarm is dedicated to preserving this great city by offering customers fire alarm and sprinkler service.

Fire Sprinkler

Our company provides a variety of fire sprinklers. Knowledgable staff will help you to pick out the system that best fits your needs. Unsure of exactly what it is that you need? Not a problem! We’ve been in the fire sprinkler business over 28 years so we know about all of the requirements with fire sprinklers.

Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are vital in the Tigard area. They provide warning incase fire or smoke occurs. The best part is that customers can get a free fire alarm and sprinkler in Tigard, OR. Customers simply have to pick a service plan that best fits them. Each purchase comes with 24 hour protection and surveillance so you can be insured that we are always watching out for you.

Fire Alarm Installer
Fire Alarm Installer

Where We Excel

We provide the best service in Oregon! See below for a complete list of our many benefits.

  • 24 hour customer service
  • guaranteed service
  • 28-years experience
  • low prices- most competitive in business
  • financing available if needed
  • licensed journeyman installers
  • factory trained and certified technicians
  • NFPA 13 design compliance

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