Security and Fire System Vancouver

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Vancouver, Washington
The city of Vancouver is located just north of the city of Portland across the Columbia River and is part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. We have over 28 years of experience working in the area and we guarantee our prices and service are among the best that you will find.

Commercial Security Systems
We offer security systems for your business, church, school, or any other commercial entity. Our security systems help provide you assistance in areas such as protecting against thieves and watching over employees. Our commercial security plans will allow us to:

  • Design a system specific to your building
  • Maintain quality through service
  • Supply
  • Install the system by our licensed technicians
  • Monitor

When the alarm goes off, you will know and trust whom you are working with because we provide the exact choice that is right for your needs.

Home Security Systems
Having a safe, secure home is a top priority for most people, and that concern is no different for those living in the city of Hillsboro. Just as is the case with our commercial business customers, we help create and decide on the system that is best for your home specifically. Also our systems feature remote access, allowing you to tap into your home security system from virtually anywhere using an internet-enabled device. You can rest your head at night with a peace of mind knowing that your home is being protected 24/7.

Home Security Surveillance
View your home from anywhere

Fire and Sprinkler Alarm
Aside from having satisfied customers, we have a close relationship with the Fire Marshal of Clark County. This allows us to meet the highest level of efficiency in designing and installing your system because of our latest knowledge on fire codes and laws.

For free consultation, a free quote, or general questions, please call us at (503) 222-4357.

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