Your Home Can Be Your First Line of Defense Against Rising Crime in Portland

As crime is rising in the Portland area, let your home be the first line of defense against criminals. With so many different options for security systems, you can customize your system to meet the needs of your home and family. There are systems that range from simple motion detectors, to full cameras that can be used at each entrance of your home to help ward off potential burglars.

There have been too many cases of break-ins lately all over Portland, some even armed home invasions. Because of this there are many ways you can protect your home and family from intruders with your home security system. Security systems have become a huge help to police officers when they investigate burglaries. Home and business security cameras can help identify the perpetrators and also give the police things like license plate numbers, car make and models, clothing clues, the gender of the perpetrator, an idea of items stolen, and many others. A video recording of a robbery or attempted robbery can also lead to a more solid case and conviction for law enforcement.

If a burglar can see cameras or a sign in your front yard with your security company’s name and logo on it, they are less likely to break into your home. Since many burglaries happen during the daytime, having your cameras be monitored is an even more efficient way to ensure that your home does not fall prey to intruders.  A monitored system means that if there are any signs that your home or business are being broken into the monitoring company can send out an alert to first responders in real time instead of waiting to file the report after your things have been stolen.

If your home or business has a smart security system you can feel secure knowing you can monitor everything from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Going out of town with peace of mind has never been easier. The combination of a monitored security system, signs with your security company’s name and logo, and visible outside security cameras will make your home much too risky for burglars.

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