Surveillance Alarm
Check on your business from anywhere

Value of Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems provide an owner extra protection from unwanted visitors, as well as allowing for easier management. Especially in today’s day and age, having video surveillance has proven to be a valuable asset for many. For business owners, it can warn you of and help catch thieves for example, or make it easier to keep watch over your employees. For homeowners, it provides the same protection against thieves and can also help watch over your kids or anyone else in the home while you are away.

Main Features

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and Digital Video Recording (DVR) are the options for your home or business. After 28 years of industry experience, we know which type of system will fit best to your needs at the most affordable price. In addition, each surveillance alarm we install features remote control activation, meaning you can monitor and control your surveillance system from any device that has video playback and internet capability. That includes: tablets, laptops, and even smartphones. Never go anywhere without a peace of mind again!

home security rc control
And we really mean anywhere

Free Trial

We are the only video surveillance business in the Portland area to offer a free trial of our products before purchase. During the one month trial period, we will set up your own Honeywell system which comes with remote control surveillance via a program called My Total Connect. In addition, we throw in free consultation as well as your option of five window sensors, two motion detectors, or a GSM Radio upgrade. Did we mention one month free video monitoring with no installation or other hidden fees?

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